YBodyUSA is run by the fantastic Tal Thompson. She has put herself into creating a company that is all about family. She has 2 very creative young boys that keep her moving. She not only sells YBody glitter tattoos- she is an artist and constantly trains and practices to make the mundane beautiful.


 Next, you should meet Paula (me) Thomasson.  I have been with Tal for over a year as her wing man. She is a great friend and wonderful boss. I get to bring my son with me to work everyday. Even that wasn’t enough for Tal- she made the entire front room of our office into a playroom. She doesn’t just call this a family business- she PROVES it.


     Then we have Lesly Rollins- the newest to the YBodyUSA family. Lesly is also a stay at home Mom that now has the opportunity to work. She brings her daughter into the office with her as well. Lesly has turned out to be a great artist and she has been working hard to hone her skills. She recently proved her talents at one of our “Glitter Jams”.