Two weeks ego we posted the info for a new video contest!
We were so excited to see what you would come up with, but quickly we learned that maybe its not the time for a video contest ūüôĀ 


We are changing it up!

The new contest theme is Ybody Freehand.
You can submit freehand body art that is made with Ybody products! colorini, glitter etc

The contest starts TODAY 7.16.2013 and will end 7.25. 2012 at Midnight EST.


1. Your Design must include Ybody products. You may add face/body paint if you wish.
2. The word Ybody must be included in your design somewhere.
3. Your image must be rated PG so we can post it on our Facebook page (covered nips)
4. Submission will be done via email. Send us an email with your contact and entry and we will post it on our page for you. the email for submission is:

5. Once an image was uploaded to our page, you will have your friends voting by placing the word VOTE as a comment under your image.  No other words or likes will be counted as a vote. 

6. In order to win you need to have the most amount of valid “”vote” comments under your image.

7. You may NOT use any service to “buy” or “trade” votes, we know they are out there, those must be real friends voting for you.  If you get caught farming for vote services you will automatically disqualify (we have had this happen in  the past so please play fair)

 8. The prize is a Pro kit retailed at $140 Glitter Tattoo Kit Prize

let the games begin!!!!!!!!! 
Have fun with it
<3 Ybody USA