If you ask 50 different glitter tattoo artists if they
“poof” the glitter onto their tattoos, or if they brush the glitter on, you’d probably get 25 who poof glitter and 25 who brush glitter.  
There are benefits to both and it’s really about what you are most comfortable with. (This glitter tattoo artist has tried both poofing and brushing, and prefers to brush, just for the record!)
The easiest way to brush glitter on is using the Ybody pop-up cups.  It displays all of your glitter colors beautifully, it is easy to use and very compact to travel. Once you have the glue applied over top of your shimmer tattoo stencil and it has started to turn transparent you are ready to brush on the glitter.  Open each color individually, dip your glitter application brush into the glitter and brush it exactly where you would like that glitter to be on the design
If brushing is not your cup of tea, Ybody has many options when it comes to poofer bottles. Again, it just comes down to your preference for look and feel.  You can get the whole pre-filled 12 color set, or check out all of our different poofer bootles here and fill your own.  To poof glitter on, apply the shimmer tattoo glue to the stencil, wait for it to start to dry, then apply the glitter by gently squeezing or tapping the bottle over the design, starting in the center. 

It’s going to come down to what is quickest and most comfortable for you.  We’re here to help you.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!  ybodyusa@gmail.com