Check out our latest Festival Glitter colors, just in time for the fall!

Introducing – Wicked and Pumpkin Spice

Wicked Festival Glitter by the Art Factory

Pumpkin Spice Festival Glitter by the Art Factory










Art Factory’s new line of cosmetic-grade chunky glitter gels are made in the USA, are safe for the skin, and can be used on the face! (Not for use around the eyes or eyelids).

The holographic glitters in the gel will shine in the sun and add rainbow highlights to any face paint, hair style, hair roots, or glitter chest. Apply with a flat brush, filbert brush or silicone spatula.

Festival Glitter is designed for special effects and are not considered safe to use as eye makeup. Avoid use on very small children if there is a danger of them rubbing glitter into their eyes. Best kept in room temperature: high or low temperatures may cause change in consistency of the gel.