It’s that time of year again when everyone has the sniffles and we as face painters know all too well the joys of being coughed on, sneezed on, and all of the other fun stuff. It comes with the job.

Thankfully you can wear a mask to help protect others from yourself, but what do you do when a kiddo hops in your chair coughing and red with fever? The simplest thing to do would be to [gently] explain to the kiddos parent that unfortunately they appear to be ill and you won’t be able to paint them today. Then hand them a sticker and a water-stick temporary tattoo to take home with them and play with. It’s a sad part of the job but it’s necessary.

Having a sign that states up front that ill kiddos won’t be painted helps to avoid this situation. To help face painters out, we went ahead and created a sign so that you can use it for your event *for FREE!*

Just click here to download a printable PDF —> health sign art factory

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