Facebook has been recently giving me a lot of food for thought…
I watched the discussion in the face painting groups and it made me realize that it is possible that I have not communicated who we are clear enough…

Remember this Photo circulating on Facebook? 




Gosh it made us all feel so good!
YES! I want to support a little girl’s dance lesson and not a billionaire vacation home…
I find that our industry is very much the same..
As an online storeowner I often forget that the majority of our customers have never met us! Here at the art factory, we often have visitors, and our local ties with the community are just getting stronger.
Parents meet us at school after an art class or choose to celebrate their kid’s birthday party with us. Later that week I may bump into the same parent at the grocery store in my PJs.  We are a living part of our local community.
When you shop online, you are greeted with a colorful page, not a smiling face. We want to believe that we know most of our customers but that is a really big wish.
We LOVE meeting you at conferences and try really hard to travel as much as possible.
Sometimes when you visit an online store. You get the illusion of a huge company.
But really the Art Factory is a small business. We are artists, moms and family, working together to grow with our community.  
We test every product that we add to our store to make sure the quality and purpose is made perfect for our industry. We spend money on testing, shipping, buying, taking a chance and hoping you will love what we have to offer. We stock our shelf with thousands of dollars of product so you can have a nice selection.

Most of all… we listen to your wishes and requests and sometimes dare to dream.


And the same goes on for so many things we do.
I am telling you all this because I thought you should know, that when you buy from a body art supply store, you support a family, and most importantly, you are supporting your own industry.
As we grow, we will always spend our money on developing new tools, better resources, and more products. We will put it back into our community because it is our passion and our dream, and we are artists just like you. 
You may find our prices a tad more expensive than your local craft store or amazon, and that is because we can’t buy in bulk as they do… sadly, manufacturers will not give us the same wholesale price. (Not fair I know)  and no, we are not building a vacation dream house in the Bahamas J. 
If you are an artist, you already know that we live to art. Owning a small business is just another way to support our passion and connect with more of those with the same dream.
Thank you for shopping with us, supporting our family and community.