It’s a face painters worst nightmare, you show up to a gig and you’ve forgotten your brushes! What do you do?? How did this happen?!

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember every little item when you’re rushing out the door, trying to make it to your face paint gig on time. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all been there. So to remedy this situation, I decided to make this FREE Face Painter Packing Checklist, courtesy of Art Factory! This checklist includes all of the essentials like paint, brushes, water, and mirror, as well things that it can be easy to forget like business cards, snacks, and your clients contact information. I’ve also included blank spaces so that you can add items that are essential for your gigs.

Print out your own check list here —-> Face Painter Packing Checklist
I would suggest laminating this check list so that you can check it with a dry erase marker each time you head out the door to your gig.

With this checklist you’ll never forget your brushes(or anything) again!

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