Finding enough fierce and masculine designs for your choice board can be tricky! Not all kids want a design that’s cute and happy, sometimes they wanna look scary. This is the perfect design for fierce kiddos! Learning how to face paint a monster eye design is totally worth the effort because you’ll have a half face design that could easily be done on both sides to make a full face mask.

Sometimes painters are intimidated by scary looking designs, but it’s all in the angles! To make this design more intimidating, I’ve drawn a “check mark” shape right through the natural eye brow area to make the eye appear more menacing. Giving your designs more sharp angles will lend them a more scary appearance.

For this face painting, I’ve used an Art Factory Filbert Brush to fill in the green color(Superstar Poison Green) instead of a sponge, giving myself more control over drawing the base colors. I also use the filbert for drawing the horns, and the darker green shading. To give the monster some detail, I’ve used an Art Factory Number 4 Round Brush to add the black(Diamond FX black) spots and outlining.

With a little practice, this design can easily be face painted in under five minutes, making it a great addition to your choice board!

Check out our video below to see exactly how to face paint a monster eye!

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Check out our free video on How to Face Paint a Puppy Here!