Hello everyone! Have you ever wanted to Learn How to Face Paint Dragons? I know that dragons can be intimidating to draw for a lot of face painters. I hope that this video helps to make them a little less scary and explains some of the tricks to face painting a really cool dragon design!

This video features five different dragon designs that can go on the cheek or the arm.
Design 1 is a typical fierce green dragon design featuring the head and just a bit of the neck. Flames are added for fun details.
Design 2 is a full body dragon design, made to fill an arm. This dragon features blue coloring and spots.
Design 3 is a super simple black dragon design. This dragon is drawn in the style of a silhouette, utilizing only black, making it very easy and quick for busy gigs.
Design 4 is a cute pink dragon design. This dragon features a more cutesy style of a dragon head and wing, with clouds added for fun detail.
Design 5 is another cute dragon design. This blue, green, and purple design features the entire dragon body in a cute/chubby style. Swirls and curls are added around the design for detail.
After watching this video, I hope you will be inspired to Learn How to Face Paint Dragons of your very own!

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