The Puppy Dog is a classic face painting design. Though there are hundreds of types of dogs, a classic white dog with black spots is the perfect choice for face painting! Reminiscent of a dalmatian, this cute pup will bring a smile to any kiddos face. If you add a floppy little pink(or red) tongue, everyone will say “Awww!” and let out a little giggle while they rush to get their camera ready for a picture.

A full face puppy dog design can seem intimidating, but you can cut a lot of the design out and just fill in the mouth and ear area to make it simpler. In this version of a puppy dog face painting, I’ve used an Art Factory Filbert Brush to fill in the color instead of a sponge, giving myself more control over drawing the base colors. To give the puppy dog face some detail, I’ve used an Art Factory Number 4 Round Brush to add some black spots and outlining.

With a little practice, this design can easily be face painted in under five minutes, making it a great addition to your choice board!

Check out our video below to see exactly how to face paint a puppy dog!

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