The coolest party option around… Glow party.  Whether you are working the party in a professional capacity or throwing a party for a birthday kid in your family, glow parties are great fun!

To throw a successful glow party, you will need plenty of glow bracelets, a few powerful black lights, some activities that are glow-in-the dark appropriate, and of course, UV reactive face paint and UV reactive glitter tattoos!

A great activity to start a glow party is to provide all the party kids with white T-shirts and highlighters.  Let each child decorate their own shirt before they go into the “party room”.  When they go in, their designs will glow in the black light because of the UV reactive quality of the highlighters!  It is a very cool effect!

No glow party would be complete without UV reactive face paints.  These paints look cool under normal conditions, but when you turn out the lights, and turn on the black lights, they literally shine!  Global face paints UV reactive paints are amazing under black lights.  Simple designs like polka dots on arms using daubers work great for non-professional painters.  For those with more experience, they sky is the limit!

Glitter Tattoo Kit, Glimmer tattoo, Sparkling tattoo,UV reactive glitter tattoos are a huge hit at glow parties!  These go on the same as regular glitter tattoos, the glitter is just UV reactive.  You will still need 3-layer stencils and body glue in addition to the UV reactive glitter.  Apply the stencil, then a thin layer of glue, then brush on the UV reactive glitter.  It is especially fun to put the tattoos on in the regular light and then send them in the “party room” with the black lights on so that they can see them glow.  UV reactive glitters go on the same as regular glitter, but they have a matte finish.  They don’t sparkle, but they sure do glow in the black light!

Do you have any questions about throwing or working at a black light party?  Let us know, and we’ll be happy to help you!