Step by step Half Face Unicorn Tutorial for Face Painting – by Bethany McLean!

Step By Step Tutorial Half Face Unicorn


Ready to learn how to paint this adorable Unicorn? Let’s Go!

Step 1: Using a sponge and your favorite creamy white (FAB pictured here), make the shape of the unicorn’s head and neck. To help make sure it lines up correctly, the ear, horn, and flat end of the nose should all be parallel. When bringing the neck out from the check, make sure the bottom edge comes out to directly under the midpoint of the person’s eye.

Step One of Half Face Unicorn Tutorial

Step 2: Grab your favorite one stroke (Global Summer Crush from Leanne’s Collection pictured here), and add a forelock across the unicorn’s head and over the base of the horn to give the design depth. Put a cute “C” shaped curl below the ear and beside the eye, then more swoops going down the neck to finish off the mane.

step 2 of half face unicorn tutorial

Step 3: Outline with Wolfe black to define the shapes. Make a series of long S shaped lines to create the spiral on the horn, a teardrop for the nostril, and a small smile line. The curve of the unicorn’s cheek should overlap the line of the neck to provide depth. The ear should be straighter along the back side, curvier in the front, and you can add some hair wisps inside. Feel free to use the outlines to make the mane more flowy and interesting. 

step 3 of half face unicorn tutorial

Step 4: Finally, for extra flair, outline again in white (Wolfe white pictured here) and add fun stencils in the background. I added stars in Mehron Teal and Global Lilac

step 4 of half face unicorn tutorial



About the Artist!

Bethany McLean is an award-winning face painter and body artist, working professionally in the Atlanta area for 13+ years. Starting with children’s parties and local events, she has grown her business into a full time career with her work appearing in numerous film and television shows. Her clientele includes Cartoon Network, the Georgia Aquarium, Smirnoff, Q100, 11Alive, The Weather Channel, AMC, Bacardi, 99X, and many more. She continues hone her skills, staying on top of pop culture, makeup trends, and new products to keep providing her clients the highest level of service.